Second mortgage lenders in Toronto

No matter what your financial situation, it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams and goals that you want to meet. Getting a second mortgage on a house can seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be. This is why Matrix Mortgage Global helps you find second mortgage lenders in Toronto.
Often clients have trouble obtaining a second mortgage on their property. This can make things difficult for clients. At Matrix Mortgage Global, we ensure that our clients get the best deal and solution so that they can live in peace, without having to claim bankruptcy and take other extreme actions.

Why Matrix Mortgage Global?

Matrix Mortgage Global has come a long way since 2008, to provide mortgage solutions to clients belonging from all walks of life. When it comes to applying for a second mortgage, our staff helps the client sort out through the documentation and applying for a second mortgage. Since there are various terms associated with mortgage payments, it often gets confusing for clients. However, we assist our clients and ensure that they are aware of the payment, down-payment, and interest rate associated with the second mortgage.
Whether you have a poor credit history, or you have defaulted on several payments, the team of financial experts at Matrix Mortgage Global ensure that the clients not only get loan for a second mortgage approved, but are also able to make the payments (including the down-payment, and regular payments, based on monthly, bi-monthly basis).
In addition to this, our staff offers clients advice and services to help them improve their credit history. With a bad credit history, there are chances of getting bad mortgage and lease deals. Hence, maintaining good credit history is the first step in ensuring that you get mortgage solutions with lower interest rates.


Our commitment to providing a solution to our clients is the reason why we are among the best mortgage brokerage firm in Toronto. With 3 offices in Toronto, our goal is to provide mortgage solutions to our clients that suit their situation. We help connect our clients with lenders who are willing to approve your mortgage request.

Our staff

Our staff is dedicated and consist of financial experts, real estate experts that deal with commercial as well as residential mortgages. With Matrix Mortgage Global, you can get a second mortgage no matter if you are self-employed or have some bad credit history.

We cater to your situation

We never rush our clients to choose a mortgage solution. Instead, we guide them along the way and hear their queries. Moreover, we ensure that our clients are able to afford the mortgage payments and make payments on time.

Second mortgage

If you are looking for second mortgage lenders in Toronto, you should hire the services of an experienced mortgage firm that has the experience and expertise to deal with your unique case. Not every client that walks through our door has the same financial situation. This is exactly the reason why our brokers deal with each client individually and ensure that the client gets the mortgage that they can afford and that which is suitable for them.

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For more information regarding the services, we offer for mortgages or if you would like to get in touch with one of our staff members, feel free to contact us on the number and email address given on our website. Moreover, you can fill out the form available on our website, to send us queries and find mortgage deals that suit you best. Please fill out the form with the relevant details to avail of our services.